March 25

How-To Get Rid of that New House Paint Smell


Painting your home is exciting but often comes with a fresh house paint smell. Sometimes, opening a window is not enough to remove the smell – especially if your entire home is painted. Thankfully, there are tricks to get rid of the annoying chemical smell quickly.

Tips for the House Paint Smell


Charcoal is one of the best-known odor deodorizers. Simply, place charcoal in some bowls around the painting area. The smell should decrease within a few hours.

Baking Soda

Baking soda works similarly to charcoal. You may even have baking soda already in your home. Place the baking soda around your home or sprinkle the baking soda into your carpets for best results.


The simplest method of eliminating a paint smell is using a fan. Open your windows and place the fan in your painted room. This can help ventilate the area.


Many people think that candles only mask a house paint scent. However, the flame can help absorb smells in the air. The bonus is that scented candles will smell nice also!

The most valuable thing that you can do is speak with your house painter. Mark Powers Painting provides house and commercial painting services in Portland and Beaverton. Ask our interior painting professionals how to get rid of that new paint smell.


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