February 19

How to Store Leftover Paint


Leftover paint is inevitable after every home painting project. Rather than disposing the paint, there are techniques to store it effectively. Keeping leftover paint can be useful years down the line. A wall could get scratched or dinged. You may want to expand the paint color to another room. You will be thankful when you have the extra paint in storage. Continue reading to learn how to save your leftover paint.

Storing Leftover Paint from a Home Painting Job

Store it in a Climate-Controlled Area

Most people store their paint in the garage or shed. This is a mistake for storing paint. Paint becomes unstable in extreme temperatures. Unless your garage is climate-controlled, it should not be stored there.

Move Leftover Paint to Smaller Cans or Jars

Gallon buckets are great when you are painting your home. However, smaller containers can increase the lifespan of your paint. Storing your paint in clear, labeled jars can help you find the paint that you want.

Properly Seal the Container

After you distribute your paint to the right containers, seal them to keep out any extra air. If there is more than an inch gap between the paint and top of the jar, you can create an airtight seal by putting plastic wrap between the paint and the lid.

Don’t forget to label the containers! Even if you can see the paint, you will want to know the color and company in case you need more down the line.

How Long Will Paint Last?

When stored properly, leftover paint will last for years. Here are typical the shelf lives of certain paints:

  • Chalk paint – One to 5 years
  • Latex paint – Between two and 10 years
  • Milk paint – Up to a week
  • Oil-based acrylic – Up to 15 years

If paint turns lumpy, smelly or chunky, you know it’s gone bad. Mark Powers Painting provides professional home painting services in Beaverton, Portland, and Tigard, Oregon. Contact Mark Powers today to work with an experienced house painter.


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