May 12

Different Types of Paint

Whether your interior paint is starting to flake or you are tired of the color, at some point you will probably decide to paint your home’s interior. Choosing a paint color is a difficult decision. However, you have to decide on the type of paint to use as well. Many of us get stuck.

Matte, satin, eggshell… what does that all mean?

To make the decision a bit easier for you, we are explaining the different types of interior paint and when to use the paint in your home. A professional home painter can help you make the right decision of interior house paint to get the job done right.

Matte Paint

Matte paint is the most common type of interior house paint. There is no shine of sheen. Matte paint is easy to apply but often requires more than one coat, especially when coving dark or bright surfaces. Apply matte paint with a roller or brush. You may need to retouch the paint with time.

Matte Enamel

Matte enamel is similar to matte paint but more durable. The durability makes matte enamel more expensive. The visual effect is the same as matte paint, however matte enamel is better for kitchens and homes with children where the walls may get marked.


Satin finish produces a soft, glossy sheen. The paint is not ideal for places where the paint has imperfections because they will appear more apparent.


Eggshell finish has a subtle shine but without the smoothness of satin. This makes the imperfections less obvious. However, the walls do not have as strong of a shine. Eggshell is usually lower maintenance that satin and can be applied in a single coat.

Gloss Paint

Gloss paint is the second most commonly used interior paint, next to matte paint. Gloss paint has a very high shine and will show all the imperfections on a wall. However, if painted well, gloss paint can add unique beauty to your room. Gloss paint requires more than one coat.


Semi-Gloss is usually applied on trim rather than walls. The shine is less than gloss paint. You can usually achieve full covering with one coat.

Choose the right type of paint is almost as important as the color. A professional house painter will help you choose the paint type that is suitable for every room in your home. Mark Powers Painting provides expert interior house painting in Beaverton, Tigard, and Portland. Call us today to get your home painted right.


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