May 26

Have Sun-Reflecting Paint Applied for the Summer of 2023!

The paint on the exterior of your home or business could actually be a defense against the heat this Summer, and our professional painting contractors here at Mark Powers Painting are standing by to help make your place the coolest on the block this year…literally!

What Kind of Paint Reflects the Sun?

Most people know that darker colors attract heat. For example, if it’s hot outside, it’ll always be better to wear a white or yellow tee shirt outdoors than a blue or black one. The same rule holds true when it comes to buildings and how much heat they can absorb on the hottest summer days.

But, there is a kind of paint that you can request our professional painting contractors use on your home or business that can truly help you save lots of money on your energy bill because of its bright-white color. It’s called barium sulfate paint.

Barium sulfate paint, according to a report from The Guardian a couple of years ago, “enables surfaces to be below the ambient air temperature, even in direct sunlight, because it reflects so much of the sun’s light and also radiates infrared heat at a wavelength that is not absorbed by air” (Carrington, April 2021).

There was also another report from BBC that highlighted the paint that same month, informing the public that ultra-white BaSO4 paint (which was initially exposed in an ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces report) can reflect up to 98% of hot sun rays!

Contact Us at Mark Powers Painting Today to Request Sun-Reflecting Paint for the Summer of 2023!

If you have additional questions about our paint services and sun reflective paint, our dedicated paint contractors will be happy to answer them for you. Feel free to contact us at Mark Powers Painting today!



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