June 23

When to Paint the Exterior of Your Home


Painting the outside of your home is usually not a spontaneous decision. You may have lived in the home for years or bought a fixer-upper. Whatever the case, there is a time where you will have to paint the outside of your home to protect the siding and keep a clean, beautiful appearance.
It is important to paint your home at the right time of year. If you don’t the paint job will not be as high-quality or last as long as it would otherwise.

Speak with a qualified painter to help you make the right decision on when to paint your home’s exterior. Until then, this article can also help you make an informed decision.

Avoid the Rain

You wouldn’t splash water over your interior walls when you paint them, would you? If you wouldn’t, then do not paint your home’s exterior in the rain. Dry weather means your home’s siding has had a chance to dry. Paint on waterlogged siding will not dry properly.

Wait for Warm Weather

Wait until the summer to paint your home. Most exterior paint will not dry properly until it is 50 degrees F. Therefore, the best time to hire your home painter is in the summer.

Use High Quality Products and Services

You will end up paying for using low quality products and services. An expert house painter can explain which house paint will provide lasting results. If you do not use lasting paint, you will have to repaint within a few years.

Painting your home’s exterior is a big decision for any home owner. Speak to an experienced home painter to learn the right time of year to paint your house. Mark Powers Painting, Inc are exterior and interior house painters in Beaverton and Portland. Call us today!


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