February 21

Revitalize Your Restaurant’s Interior/Exterior Spaces With Our Commercial Painting Services!

As you know, we provide commercial painting services to all kinds of businesses. But, there is one type of business that needs its interior and exterior spaces to always look great…and that’s restaurants!

Why Getting Painting Services for Your Restaurant Is Important 

If you know anything about the food industry, then you realize that presentation is everything. And, the same mantra rings true not only with the delicious dishes that your establishment may serve, but also with how your walls, ceilings, etc., look to your customers. 

If a business owner has, say, a restaurant that doesn’t have a dine-in option, then he or she would probably not be as pressed as someone who does when it comes down to having excellent looking spaces. But, this is a mistake in not prioritizing the way your establishment appears to the public.

When Covid-19 hit the United States a few years ago and everyone went straight to no dining-in at their restaurants, the interior spaces being painted didn’t mean so much to many business owners. But, even if you don’t have customers walking in and out of your doors, you still want good-looking online photos of your restaurant, right?

Now that folks are hungry to get out of the house again and actually enjoy a meal with their loved ones while sitting down in a nice restaurant, those restaurant owners who may have let their interior and/or exterior spaces slip a little in appearance during the worst times of the Coronavirus are now ready to let us make things look new again!

Contact Us Today for Professional Commercial Painting Services for Your Restaurant!

We can’t wait to see the look on your face when your restaurant spaces look freshly painted again! That being said, give us a call today at Mark Powers Painting for a quote, whether you’re in or around Tigard, Portland or Beaverton. 


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