March 20

Revive Your Home’s White Picket Fence With Our Professional Residential Painting Services!

Our residential painting services in Oregon include all kinds of interior painting, but we get many requests from folks here and surrounding areas who need us to focus more on the exterior surfaces of their homes. 

For example, the thing that has come to represent “The American Dream” is a house with a white picket fence. But, how many times have you driven by a house with one that appears to be part of someone’s nightmare?

Why Your Residential Painting Needs to Include Your White Picket Fence

Ask anybody what the American Dream is, and they’ll very likely say something to the effect of “a house with a white picket fence”. You know it’s true! 

In fact, there was a learning special on PBS once entitled The White Picket Fence: Defining the American Dream, where in one section the teachers and experts pointed out how one comedian jokes about a survey where almost everyone answered the question ‘What does achieving the American Dream mean to you?’ with that exact phrase!

The white picket fence is synonymous with American culture, and probably always will be. But, when the one around your home has become raggedy and ugly, it takes away from the beauty of your entire home. 

What we have noticed over the years is that people seemingly will not immediately notice how dull and unattractive the fence is around their home. That is, until they see a fence that is much nicer-looking and beaming white somewhere else in town!

That’s when they think to themselves, “Wow, that looks nice…”, and “Do local residential painting services do that kind of job?” After seeing how it is supposed to look, that’s when they think to ask us to come over and upgrade theirs. 

Call Us Today for Home Painting Services in Oregon, and Make Your White Picket Fence Gleam Again!

We look forward to upgrading your white picket fence, and/or taking on your most needed exterior painting. Feel free to give us a call today at Mark Powers Painting at (503) 624-1598. 




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