September 18

5 Steps to Prepare for Interior Home Painting


Preparation matters to achieve a professional quality interior paint job. Without preparation, there is little chance that the finished job will look sharp . Preparing for your interior paint job can be timely but worth the final result. Keep reading to learn how to thoroughly prepare for your interior painting project.

Buy the Right Painting Supplies

Painting is not a generic project. You may need an array of brushes depending on surfaces and small spaces you need to reach. You also need to make sure you have the right paint and primer for your walls. Make sure you have the right supplies before you start your project.

Furniture Protection

Removing paint from your furniture is not easy. You may end up ruining the furniture for good. Before you start painting, move furniture to the center of the room. Then cover the furniture with painter’s plastic to protect it from splashes.

Floor Covering

Your floors should be protected, just like your furniture. We recommend laying out floor covering at least 3 feet away from the wall you are painting. Canvas drop clothes are one of the best coverings.

Surface Cleaning

Substance must be removed from the walls before painting. If you do not surface clean, there will be bumps under the paint and likely the paint will not adhere correctly. Cleaning your walls only requires a combination of dish soap and water. Wipe down all of the surfaces you will be painting.


A crisp line between wall and trim can be difficult to master. To accomplish these lines, you will want to use painter’s tape. Apply the painter’s tape anywhere there is a different paint color. This is most common on the ceiling and trim.

Painting your home’s interior is time consuming and detail oriented. For the best results, contact a painting professional. Mark Power’s Painting provides interior and exterior home painting services in Beaverton and Portland, Oregon.


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