November 22

Does Your Church Need Our Painting Services?

When it comes to the schedules that a lot of businesses keep, it can sometimes be hard to decide just the right time for our experienced contractors to come and revitalize your interior and exterior spaces with our excellent painting services. This is also true when talking about churches. 

Revive Your Place of Worship With Our Painting Services 

If it was a daytime office building where clients and customers were coming in and out of doors all day handling business at a high rate, then we would coordinate with the upper management to choose a time that’s not within business hours, being that having a painting job going on during those busier times would be kind of intrusive…and in many instances quite tacky!

But, when it comes to our contractors approaching a church, we have to plan differently. For example, if you hold church service, say, every first and third Sunday of the month, we’d be sure and go around those times, as well as other special functions that your church may be holding during the weekdays. 

We also like to make sure that the theme and overall colors that you choose match your church’s vision. So, we always suggest to those who are hiring us for our painting services that you take time and sit with several members, such as the choir, the deacons, ushers, and everyone else who attends regularly, and come together to blend ideas when deciding on particular shades and tones. 

Contact Us Today for Expedited Church Painting Services 

Whatever you are envisioning your interior and exterior spaces will look like in your church, we want to bring to reality. So, give us a call today for premier painting services at Mark Powers Painting, and we’ll give you an affordable estimate that won’t deduct too much of the funds from your collection plates.





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