June 20

How to Keep the Paint on Your Walls Looking New


Painting your walls can be expensive but it has a large return on investment. Like any investment, you want to protect it. With the right care, the paint on your walls can be kept looking new. Otherwise, the paint will tear, chip, peel, and wear. The following are a few ways to keep your paint looking fresh for years to come.

Keeping the Paint on Your Walls Looking New

Clean Your Walls

Whether it is your car, floors, or walls, everything looks better when it is clean! Keeping your walls clean will help maintain a fresh appearance. Additionally, cleaning your walls gets off the dust and oil that can breakdown interior paint.

Touch Up Damaged Paint

If you see an area that is damaged, touch up the paint. If you do not, it can continue to cause deeper cracks and dents. A house painter can repair the job correctly.

Choose the Right Paint

Paints are not all created equally. There are various types for different rooms of your house, such as satin, glossy, flat/matte, eggshell, and semi-gloss. You need to use the paint for the right room of your house. If you do not use the right high-quality paint, it will be more prone to damages.

Painting makes a large impact on the aesthetics of your home. Mark Powers Painting is a residential house painter in Beaverton, Tigard and Portland, Oregon. Contact Mark Powers today for professional house painting services.


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