December 22

Make Our Oregon Painting Services Your New Year’s Resolution!

We always get lots of requests for commercial painting services at the end of the year, and 2022 was hopefully a good year for you businesswise. But, have you taken some time lately to look at how your business looks alongside the others in your immediate area? How does your exterior/interior paint compare to your neighbors’?

Oregon Business Owners Want Fresh Commercial Painting for 2023!

Some business owners feel that just because they have the only business of a certain kind within a few blocks or miles (such as a diner that is surrounded by offices and hardly any other good restaurants) that they don’t have to worry too much about outside appearance, because they feel that customers will come in regardless! But, even if the other businesses around you are not the same kind of business as yours, it can still appear tacky if their commercial property simply looks better than yours to the passing eye. 

Believe it or not, a large part of the decision to actually walk into your establishment will be based on what a potential customer see’s when they view pictures of your place online, or when they pull up in your parking lot to see it in person. For example, the vibes that your exterior paint gives off will either be ones that are inviting or the opposite. 

So, you want to be sure that your place looks attractive, especially if the establishments around you have interior/exterior paint that is up to par. 

Contact Us Today for Fresh Commercial Painting Services for the New Year!

Why not start off 2023 with fresh, new paint on the interior and exterior surfaces of your business? If you have been thinking about it lately, then think no more! Instead, give us a call today at Mark Powers Painting, where we provide premiere commercial painting services to the Tigard, Beaverton and Portland areas.



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