August 27

Should I Paint Over My Home’s Wallpaper?


If you bought an older home, it is more than likely to have wallpaper. Now, it is time to renovate and you want that out-of-date wallpaper replaced with paint. Many of our first instincts is to tear out the wallpaper. However, the better idea may be to paint over the wallpaper.

Removing old wallpaper may lead to damage to the walls. By leaving the wall intact, the walls will stay in better condition. Secondly, removing wallpaper is time consuming. You will be able to paint your interior walls quicker if you do not remove the wall paper first.

Painting over wall paper can be tricky and we suggest hiring a professional interior house painter. If decide to tackle the project yourself, the following are a few tricks to get started:

  1. Clean and fasten all edges and corners. Unfastened wallpaper will cause dripping and an uneven interior paint. Use a strong adhesive to re-affix these corners.
  2. Clean the walls well. Remove as much dust and dirt as you can to get a smooth paint surface that does not create problems when you are house painting.
  3. Test with paint and allow to dry overnight before you paint the entire home interior.

Hesitant to paint your wallpaper on your own? Save the stress with a professional home painter. We can ensure that your interior paint job is done well the first time. Contact Mark Powers Painting in Beaverton, Tigard, and Portland, Oregon for interior home painting.


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