July 12

When Do I Need to Use Primer?


Painting is a big job. If you are painting your home’s interior, the job can feel overwhelming. You may be looking for a way to make painting faster and easier. Using primer first may feel like you are doubling your work but in instances, it is necessary to the job. Keep reading to learn more about primer.

Why Do I Need to Apply Primer Before Paint?

  • The walls are stained
  • You’re painting plastic or metal
  • The surface has never been painted
  • You’re painting over a darker color
  • You’ve got wallpaper (you’re either painting over it, or you’re painting after you’ve removed it)
  • You’re putting latex on top of oil-based paint

When Don’t I Need to Use Primer?

  • Your new paint almost matches the old
  • Your walls aren’t stained and are overall in good shape
  • Your paint has primer in it already

Many paints now have primer included. If you need primer in your interior house painting project, you can expedite the process by using this type of paint.

Seem overwhelming? Painting your home by yourself can take a long time. Hire a professional home painter to do the job well and fast. Mark Powers Painting Inc. provides interior home painting services in Beaverton, Tigard, and Portland, Oregon. Contact us today to have your painting job done right!


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