April 25

Why Paint Your Garage


Garages are one of the most valued rooms in your house to store personal belongings. However, they can often be the most neglected. Not only do you store vehicles in your garage but maybe sporting equipment, artwork and other valuable items. A garage should be taken care of to ensure your items stay safe. But how do you maintain your garage? One of the easiest and most important is with the paint! Painting your garage can help ensure the longevity of your stored items.

Why is painting my garage important?

During the winter, many of us experience our garages to be the coldest rooms in the house. This is because they are not climate-controlled. The extreme temperatures cause wear to the paint job. You may notice the paint start to flake. To decrease the damage from temperature fluxuations, use oil-based paints. Oil-based paints are not a good idea inside the home because of the high VOC’s. However, since a garage has low traffic, it is worth asking a professional painter as the best choice for longevity.

Garages are usually stocked with wet tires and sports gear. Dampness and poor ventilation causes mildew which can be toxic. It is important to decrease all risk of mildew in your home. Regularly painting your garage provides mildew resistance.

Painting Your Garage

A garage is often the neglected room in your home. To prevent damage to your home and belongings, you should maintain the garage like any other room. A higher quality oil-based paint can help ensure the longevity of your garage. A professional house painter can help determine the type of paint to give you the best results.

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