April 26

Here’s the Extended Warranty for Our Professional Oregon Painting Services!

The average homeowner or business owner may not be able to see right off the bat the difference between a company that provides good professional painting services and ones that don’t. 

It won’t be until you see things like streaky paint, drip marks, and/or other unattractive painting flaws that you’ll realize you hired an amateur, and by that time you will have already spent your hard–earned money on a sub-par interior or exterior painting job!

There is a way to avoid this, and that’s to call us here at Mark Powers Painting, the trusted company for local painting services in Oregon. Our contractors put the attention to detail that they would at a home or business of their own into painting yours. 

And, the best part is we have an extended warranty for our projects that protects you for years into the future!

Where to Find Our Warranty for Our Professional Oregon Painting Services

When you go to our Homepage at Mark Powers Painting, you’ll see a tab that’s marked ‘Services’ that has a drop-down menu. Click on ‘Services’, and you’ll be taken to a page that has clickable tabs inside of a blue box in the middle of the page. 

Those tabs will read ‘Interior Painting’, ‘Exterior Painting’, ‘Commercial Painting’, and ‘Warranty’. Click on ‘Warranty’, and you’ll be taken to an easily downloadable PDF of it.

What Does the Warranty at Mark Powers Painting Cover?

All of our interior coatings, exterior coatings, siding, aluminum, desks, chairs, concrete floors, exterior clear or semi-transparent coatings are covered in our warranty, which you can click here to view now, if you’d like. When you do, you’ll see the exact amount of years that each type of job will be covered for after we complete it.

Contact Your Trusted Oregon Painting Services!

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