August 29

How Do I Handle Cracking or Fading Paint?


There are multiple issues that can occur when it comes to the paint on your home or business, but none more noticeable to the public than cracked or faded paint. Handling these jobs is one of our main painting services, so let’s take a look at some of the more common paint damage problems.

Common Damaged Paint Issues

Nobody likes a bad paint job, whether it’s on the interior or exterior of a home or business. But, in most cases, the fact that so many people try to do these jobs themselves results in a subpar finish that has the appearance of things like “running paint” (which is hardened paint that rolled down a wall as it was drying) and/or patchy, missed spots.

A grimy surface is also sometimes the culprit of a bad paint project, and professional paint companies like ours have contractors who recognize these mistakes immediately on sight. Lots of do-it-yourselfers don’t take the time to clean a wall (or other solid surface) before painting. Or, if they do, they just don’t clean it properly.

Have you ever seen paint that looks sort of like a blister on a wall or surface? Well, this is more than likely because of an underlying problem behind or underneath that surface that has to do with moisture that the previous painter didn’t take the time to investigate. This happens outdoors a lot, but also in the moistest areas of your home or business.

Still, the most visibly recognizable problems that we run into with house painting are issues with cracked and/or peeling paint on the exterior of a building. In a place like Oregon that has extended wet summers and very windy, cold winters, it’s only a matter of time before residents here require painting services they can trust to do a professional job that will last against the elements.

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Cracking or fading paint is almost inevitable and will eventually happen over time to any home or business. If you want results that will last, then contact us today at Mark Powers Painting and we’ll put our three decades of experience to work for you!


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