October 13

Roller Marks Are No Good When House Painting

painting roller marks

Well, to put it plainly, way too many so-called professional house painting contractors simply don’t take the time beforehand to pick out the best quality products when it comes to paint rollers. And, as with any trade, the tools are always a good painting contractors’ best friend. 

Why Some House Painting Contractors Leave Rolling Marks

When items such as rollers are of poor value, you can’t expect their results to be magnificent when painting the interior and exterior surfaces of your home.

Getting the correct size of paint roller for the area that it’ll be used in will always make the job easier, plus allow the contractor to apply paint much more evenly without leaving ugly roller marks behind. 

The type of paint that is used will also make so much difference in the end result, and we always advise our clients to not rush when making the decision about which brand will be on their walls and/or outside surfaces for the many years to come. 

Avoiding Roller Marks When House Painting 

There is a certain level of skill that needs to be present when applying house paint, and unfortunately many under-the-table painting contractors don’t have it. After so many years in this business, our dedicated contractors at Mark Powers Painting have what is called the “painter’s touch” when it comes to evenly applying paint.

It’s important, of course, to not apply paint too heavily in certain areas and lighter in others. But, as stated in the previous section, quality products will be the key to a lovely finish, and our experienced painting contractors always choose the rollers that are precisely correct for the specific surface that we will be painting. 

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