February 18

We Can Help You Reclaim Springtime


The enticing springtime weather is starting to shine. You’re ready for sunny walks, digging in your garden, and hosting barbecues. Yet, when you walk outside to enjoy Oregon’s beauty, the visual reminder of home maintenance jolts you. That house needs painting!

Instead of surrendering outdoor activities, you can reclaim spring(time!) by working with us. We provide residential and commercial painting services throughout Beaverton, Tigard, and the Portland Metro Area.

“People are looking for a pleasant experience and great results,” says Mark. “After more than 30 years, I know what works well, and I’m able to save people time. No need to research, prep, paint, or clean up; we do it!” 

Looking through the reviews on Angie’s List, people can see this dedication. One person wrote, “Mark was very responsive to our timeline and completed the job on schedule. His crew was professional and the quality of their work was outstanding. I would highly recommend them.” 

In addition to saving people time on the job itself, we know exactly how to approach each structure with the right plan, technique, and product. 

“My crew and I bring the expertise that helps make each project successful,” says Mark. “I’ve sadly seen many times when homeowners have to repaint their homes because the wrong product or technique was used. I help people avoid those time-consuming problems.”

A local owner of a historic home appreciated our expertise during their complete exterior painting project. “Mark was very in tune with the requirements of an older home. He has the feeling and understanding to help properly maintain it.”

We also provides exceptional service by moving and putting back patio furniture and fixtures as well as doing expert preparation. 

“My goal is to provide such thorough service, including the prep and cleanup, so there is little to no extra work for the homeowner,” says Mark. “It’s another example of saving people time while offering quality service.”

Reading the review site Porch.com, a customer shared how we provided detailed work. “We have a two-story house with a sun room and glass-covered patio attached. Mark explained how his crew would handle the work while being safe. They did a complete and thorough job, and we love the results. Excellent paint job, great workers, and everything was cleaned up very professionally. I appreciated the thorough cleaning that was done before the painting began and all the cover up of sidewalks and shrubs. No paint splatter anywhere. Great job!”

Good weather is returning. Before projects engulf your schedule, give us a call and learn how we can save you time on your exterior painting project


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