September 23

Why You Should Dispose of House Paint Properly

In our many years of providing Oregon house painting services, you wouldn’t believe how many so-called professional paint companies throw away paint and other items after a job as if they don’t care even a little about the environment. 

But, it’s important to take special care when disposing of these items because, if you’re caught doing otherwise, there can definitely be legal consequences.

Throwing Away House Paint is Dangerous! 

Most level-headed people realize that it’s important to not throw away certain everyday items. And, among the list of things that experts say need to be properly disposed of (other than environmentally dangerous items such as car batteries) is house paint. 

It’s not just the actual house paint that needs to be thrown away in the right fashion to protect the environment, but also the many items that go along with it. This includes all of your solvent containers as well as all of the rags used during the job. 

Our experienced paint contractors not only charge the best professional painters rates in and around Portland, Tigerton and Beaverton, but, if you are an environmentally-kind person, you can rest assured that after we’ve completed the job we always toss away everything in the appropriate manner…all the way down to the paint chips!

Penalties in Oregon for Mismanaging House Paint

Metro, an organization with the goal of preserving the beautiful landscape of land, air, and water in and around the Greater Portland Area, not only provides a helpful guide for residents to go by when managing everyday waste such as house paint, but also points out that there are both civil and criminal penalties that folks can receive if they don’t.

According to Oregon Public Law, what a person actually will be charged with is the violation of ORS 468.922, which is the “Unlawful Disposal, Storage or Treatment of Hazardous Waste in the 2nd Degree”. This is a Class B Misdemeanor with fines up to $25,000 and/or possible imprisonment.

Contact Your Environmentally-Friendly Oregon House Painting Experts 

At Mark Powers Painting, not only do we do an outstanding job with restoring the interior and exterior surfaces of your home or business, but we also always follow the local rules and regulations when it comes to disposing paint properly. Feel free to contact us today for a free quote. 



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